2016 GMC Maintenance


General Information:

It is essential that your vehicle receives the right maintenance to retain the safety, dependability and performance originally built into your vehicle.

When your odometer reaches the kilometers indicated on the following pages, or the corresponding time interval has been reached, take your vehicle, preferably to an authorized GMC service center , who will provide the proper parts and service.

Once maintenance has been performed, have your dealer fill out and stamp the appropriate box to serve as your maintenance record which may be needed for warranty repairs. It will also show future owners how well your vehicle has been maintained.
To maintain air conditioning efficiency, have an authorized dealer check the system at least once each year. Recommended fluids and lubricants are listed in your Owner's Manual booklet.


The engine oil level should be regularly checked and kept at the proper level. Always change the oil as recommended.


Maintenance work can be dangerous and you could be seriously injured. Make sure you have the know-how and the proper tools if you select to do any of the maintenance work yourself.